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Personalized Fitness:
Welcome to Mike Summers, specializing in personalized fitness programs. No matter what the level of experience, age, physical condition, etc., our programs will produce amazing results. If you are all about a body composition change for the better, and wish to change yourself for life, this is the place for you. -
Mike Summers

I can help you lose weight:
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I am a mother of 4 and just turned 41. I looked in the mirror one day and just knew that I had to do something. With the help of Mike I was able to lose 35lbs and 15 inches in just 12 short weeks. I have made a complete transformation and I owe it all to Mike Summers.

Thanks Mike!!
Lori - Georgia




Yeah, that's me....the big one with the dog. Overweight, high blood pressure, diabetes, all wrapped up in a size 20. After I found out about the diabetes I lost some weight on my own but the diabetes still wasn't under control and I was still fat. I went to see Mike and talked about diet and exercise. I decided to give his program a try. Have I been hungry, no because I eat so much good food. Have I been sore..oh yeah but I feel so good now. I have tremendous energy, feel good about myself and will soon reach my goal. And those numbers on my meter have gone way down. The diabetes is completely under control with this program. I never have to worry about blood sugar levels of 250 or more now. It stays at 95 to 110 now all the time. I can get in the floor and play with my grandchildren now with no problems. Did I tell you that I am 55 years old?
Thanks Mike....


Dear Mike,
I hope this note finds you doing well. I wanted to let you know that I have recently committed to the University of Georgia Baseball Program as both a hitter and pitcher.
I feel in debted to you on achieving this major goal in my life. I would have never been able to fulfill this dream without your strength training. So please accept this card as a token of my heart felt thanks!
With deepest appreciation,
Heath M. Holder


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