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Personalized Fitness:
Welcome to Mike Summers, specializing in personalized fitness programs. No matter what the level of experience, age, physical condition, etc., our programs will produce amazing results. If you are all about a body composition change for the better, and wish to change yourself for life, this is the place for you. -
Mike Summers

I can help you lose weight:
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Mike Summers Weight Loss,
Lose Body Fat the right Way!!
By Eating, and NOT starving Yourself!!

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LET ME CHANGE YOUR LIFE!! For only $29.95 per phase I will send you a Weight Loss Diet that is three phases with each phase lasting 4 weeks, and a customized Exercise Plan just for you. All you need to do is email me pictures of yourself. Preferably front, back and sides with a bathing suit on and I will send you the kit that you will need for weight loss.
Get in the Best Shape of your life! Save money and make a commitment to yourself by purchasing all three phases up front.

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I did this and you can do it too ! Let me show you how. Lose Fat The Right Way.
By eating, not starving yourself.

The Diet you will learn from me isn't a run of the mill diet. You will learn what the foods to eat and what it does to your body.

Your body has to have a certain number of Carbohydrates, Fat, Protein and Vegetables. This will regulate your energy level, mood and fat storage.
No doubt, this program will change your life. It will remarkably make over your body.

The first step in this make over is to find out how much fat you need to lose.
The best way to do this is to grab your sides or the middle of your waist.
If you have more than two inches between your fingers, there is work to be done.

It has taken me over 12 years of experimenting on myself with lots of trial and errors to get it right.
I have found out, as I spend time with the people I train, that most of them need to better understand what each food group does for the body.
What you eat is the most important part of this program.
You also need to know that you cannot just exercise the fat off.

You must eat the correct foods at the correct times in the correct amounts. With proper exercise you can completely change the look of your body and live a much more healthy life.

To do this diet correctly you need to change the way you think of food. Food is like gas in your car. The better food you use the better your car will run. The body works in the same way.
Lets look at what each food does for you and how important each is to run your body the way it was intended to run.

Protein feeds your muscles, hair and finger nails.
Carbohydrates are the food that shuttles the protein, fats, and vegetables to all the muscles. Without Carbohydrates in your system your muscles will be weak and flat and you will have no energy.
It takes 50 grams of Carbohydrates just to have brain functions.
The best source of Carbohydrates to fill up those muscles is white rice, potatoes, ( white, red, or sweet).

You should be able to feel the difference in about two days once you begin to eat the right amount of Carbohydrates in the right amount of meals per day.
You will have more energy and be much more alert.

If you cut out Carbohydrates from your diet, as some diet plans tell you to do, in about three days you will begin to feel the affects. You will be very weak and dizzy.

In summary:
Each person is unique, so every body has to find what works for them. The foods you take in must be from clean sources such as, chicken, lean beef and pork. Your Vegetables should be green such as green beans, broccoli, asparagus or spinach.
The fat you take in comes from the meat you eat.
So get started eating right and exercising and you will feel better for it.
Usually in the first two weeks of your training you should experience an increase in your energy level.
You will begin to loose inches in your trouble areas as you build muscle in the areas you want to build up.

This is a program you can do all the rest of your life. These are good habits you will grow to love and enjoy as you begin to see the benefits of eating right and exercising.


(We've all said it........"I am going to start next Monday for sure!!")  

Diet Phases

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